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If you’re staring at a large amount of household goods that need sorting, selling, disposing of and wondering where to start, let alone how you’re going to find the time, then maybe we need to talk.

ReVamp Downsizing specialises in making a molehill out of your mountain; from the free initial consultation to establish what you want done, right through to a comprehensive inventory with everything boxed for either sale or charitable donation.

We can arrange sales on your behalf and have your charitable donations collected and delivered to Nurse Maude to support the Hospice (or you are free to arrange pick up with the charity of your choice). We can also arrange for independent valuations and put you in touch with reputable auction houses.

Using only professional, police-checked staff and a fully documented and transparent process, ReVamp Downsizing is all about gently but firmly taking that Very Long To Do List out of your hand and getting the job done.

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You may now exhale.

How we work

Once you have determined the belongings you wish to keep, our job is to help you clear out the unwanted remaining: determining those that can be sold and donating the remaining to charity. Our considerable experience in the secondhand industry means that we ensure you receive a fair & reasonable sale price for your chattels.

On commencement we will categorise your belongings into saleable or charity, we will inventory & box room by room, at the end of our service we will walk through the house with you & ask that you sign off on our inventory. From there we will arrange for your items to be collected.

We are more than happy to recommend or liaise with cleaning companies, freight companies, valuers & estate agents should you require them. We like to think of ourselves as ‘project managers’ of your transition. Our job is to support you, and we can act as your go-to for all third parties.

Helping you start

Knowing where to start when you’re sorting through personal belongings can be overwhelming. We recommend breaking your house into sections and tackling a section at a time.

For you & family:

Decide what you definitely want to keep. If you are unsure then it's better to put an item to one side until you've finished and consider it again rather than having regrets later. We recommend you check with your family to see if there are any items that they would like for their homes or children before deciding to let them go.

Think about at what stage you would like to have us involved. We can come and box your items for sale or charity while you are still living in your home, or you may prefer to move to your new home with the items you wish to keep and we can come through afterwards and pack the rest for you.

Our fees

Our costs are assessed on a case by case basis, as each household has different levels of work required. We offer a free half hour consultation to help us assess your needs & arrange a quote.

About us

Carolyn Eyre-Walker: business owner

B.Com Economics

Second-hand Dealer licence

I have a strong background in both the finance & secondhand goods sectors, and with these skill assets can provide a clear, organised & accurate assessment of your downsizing requirements. I have a good understanding of the value of your chattels & can provide contacts within the industry to ensure you a fair & reasonable sale price. I operate in a highly organised manner to ensure that your transition is personal yet efficient.

Fran Gilmore: site supervisor

Fran has a background in customer service & administration, and she plays an integral role in coordinating the pack & collection of your chattels. She works closely with all third parties whilst liaising with our clients to ensure that all are fully informed as to our processes.

Tracey MacArthur: site evaluations

Tracey has a background in the second-hand industry, her role is to assist Fran & our contracted staff to sort and box items for distribution. She has a solid understanding of the second-hand goods market, and operates in a clear & efficient manner.


Relocation to retirement villages:

“A huge thank you to you & your team. Quite simply I couldn’t have managed without you”: Adrienne

“Everything came together nicely, thanks to all your work on our behalf”: Alison

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